iPicnic solar powered iPod speakers resemble a picnic basket

There is no denying the fact that the iPod is one of the best music players around and so are the accessories that are available for it. Being one of the most loved music players in the world, product manufacturers and designers have come up with a wide range of accessories and docks for it. Moreover, for those who love their music to be sustainable, there is no dearth of eco friendly iPod accessories being rolled out as well.

Right from solar powered iPod chargers to eco friendly iPod docks, the range is just endless. Recognizing the need of eco friendly speaker system for iPod, industrial designer Fiona Rupert has come up with the iPicnic speaker system that makes use of top of the line technology but doesn’t look like a monolith from the past decade. The player, which resembles a picnic basket, features thin film solar panels on the top, which provide all the electricity the system needs.

All you have to do is to connect your iPod to the iPicnic and place the speaker system in the sun to help it capture the ambient sunlight for the tunes to flow.

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