Fogger: Fogponic cultivation system consumes just 4W of power

Urban dwellers have been in the hunt for portable cultivation systems that can be used by them to produce their own vegetables that are free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. To help these conscious urban residents, industrial designers have come up with a variety of futuristic cultivation systems that make use of hydroponic, aquaponic or fogponic cultivation principles. The Fogger, is just another planting unit that helps you grow your own vegetables while spending just 4W of power.

The Fogger is a highly efficient, vertical planting unit, which can be placed in any corner of your home. All you have to do is just take a few pre-germinated vegetable seedlings of your choice and insert them into the pillar with neoprene plugs. Filling up the tank with water and organic fertilizer is all you do next to start the fully automatic cultivation system.

The system takes just six weeks to fully grow vegetables, during which the plants are automatically supplied with water and nourishment. The system includes an ultrasonic head which makes the nutrient rich fog flow around the roots of the plant growing inside the pillar. This process also makes sure that the maximum amount of oxygen is made available to the plants for better growth. The Fogger takes just 0.3sqm of ground space, while ensuring productivity similar to a conventional 3sqm garden.

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