Empty bullet casings adorn gorgeous Art Mirror

While we don’t want you to shoot bullets to try this kind of art at home, there is no dearth of designers who are on the hunt of bullet shells to carve out something unique and creative. We recently showcased a bird house made using bullet shells collected from hunting grounds, and today we have another product developed on the same lines. The product under review here is an art mirror that is laden with thousands of empty bullet shells collected from various sources.

Designed by Amy Giacomelli, the art mirror is perfect to compliment any home décor and features thousands of bullet casings surrounding the mirror in the center. The artwork features bullets of different sizes ranging from 22 gauge to 45 caliber casings. The designer has made sure that no live bullets are used in the mirror. The mirror along with its unique bullet design is completely framed for safe hanging. Priced at a whopping $4000, the art mirror also includes a heavy duty hanging wire installed on its back, so all you need to do is just pound a heavy duty nail in any wall of your house of office.

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