The Odoo Project: Solar powered house to become a symbol of sustainability

The Solar Decathlon competition has always been the perfect showcase of the most innovative solar technologies that can be used for self sufficient homes of the future. The Hungarian Solar Decathlon from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics will compete with other teams from around the world in this year’s Solar Decathlon Europe competition with an innovatively designed house, they’re calling The Odoo project.

The house, which can well become the symbol of sustainability and energy efficiency, is designed to interpret the house-court relationship. Using elements of traditional Hungarian folk architecture, the self-powered house, features a closed courtyard to become a summer house. The dark exterior of the house is well complimented by lighter interior space with the courtyard expanding towards the main approach.

The house features doubling south facades, where the winter sun can be harvested on the vertical surfaces laden with solar panels and the higher summer sun can be harvested by the house’s rooftop solar panels. Hiding the darker outer shell is a lighter interior space that has been thought off as a pavilion with transparent and open spaces.

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