Israeli entrepreneur creates food packaging as green as a fruit peel

Apart from plastic water bottles and a variety of plastic-based containers that we are so accustomed to use, food packaging which usually is again plastic, adds up to the landfill waste, where all plastic materials take hundreds to thousands of years to degrade. Daphna Nissenbaum, an Israeli entrepreneur, has come up with her dream product – food and drink packaging that is just as eco friendly as fruit peel.

Daphna has started her own award-winning green packaging company, Tipa, which is just starting to roll out a few products initially, with an aim to change the conception of food packaging all over the world. The flexible and quiet material can be decomposed along with other organic waste a normal household produces, and is yet equipped with certain barriers like those against water and air.

After months of research and development projects, the company finally succeeded in making the biodegradable packaging material, which is not only safe for the environment, but is safe for the products it contains. Made using plants, the eco friendly packaging can be used for a variety of foods as the packaging can be produced in different shapes and sizes.

Via: Israel 21C

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