Shimizu Corporation’s HQ in Japan could be the world’s greenest building

With concerns about the carbon emissions associated with architecture, especially building skyscrapers, on the rise, architectural firms over the globe are working on incorporating the latest in eco friendly technology to bless their buildings with green credentials. The latest offering from Japanese architecture, engineering and construction firm Shimizu Corporation, could definitely set new standards in green building.

The firm has just completed a new commercial building, which will serve as the company’s headquarters. Built in Tokyo, the complex is being claimed to be amongst the world’s most sustainable construction projects and the one that emits the least amount of carbon dioxide, by emitting just 38kg/sqm of CO2 each year. With a prime focus on sustainability, the building features a variety of eco friendly systems including an energy efficient air conditioning unit that makes use of radiant heat.

Water hoses run under the ceiling boards and controlling the temperature of flowing water, the temperature inside the building is regulated. Moreover, the building features a whopping 2000sqm of photovoltaic panels mounted on the façade, which generate the much needed renewable energy. The façade system also features intelligent shading devices that automatically regulate the amount of natural light flooding into the interiors to reduce emissions by as much as 90 percent.

Via: World Architecture News

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