Goal Zero debuts new solar chargers for cellphones and computers

While solar energy does have the potential to power your home, its use in powering portable electronic devices is common. With a plethora of solar energy chargers available on the market, users simply have to make the right kind of choice according to their needs. To help make that choice easier for the consumers, Goal Zero has come up with a striking new range of eco friendly solar chargers for cellphones, tablets and even notebook computers.

The new range features two new solar chargers – Switch 8 and Sherpa 50. The Switch 8 is the smaller brother of the two, with a size smaller than a roll of quarters. Weighing in at just 4 ounces, the charger along with the Nomad 3.5 Solar Panel can be fully charged in 6-12 hours using sunshine or just 4 hours via a USB connection. The Switch 8 is ideally suited to charge smaller devices such as portable media players or cellphones.

On the other hand, the Sherpa 50 features a 50 percent smaller footprint and includes an LCD display as well. The charger features a battery with a 50Wh capacity, which can power your iPad for up to 15 hours or your laptop for up to 3 hours. The device along with the Nomad 13 solar panel can be recharged in 5 hours using solar energy or 2 hours when connected to the wall socket.

Via: Alternative Consumer

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