A-Tune street furniture aims to reduce heatstroke by using natural resources

Heatstroke occurrences are common in Japan and the A-Tune street furniture is designed just to reduce the rate of incidence. The smart street furniture doesn’t consume electricity to offer the occupants a comfortable and cool resting area. The street furniture works by reducing the surrounding temperature by allowing evaporation of moisture.

Apart from providing shade and a comfortable resting area, the proposal works on natural principles without consuming any electricity. The structure is open to the flow of wind and uses capillary action for transpiration of moisture, which is harvested by the furniture in the form of rainwater. The shade providing area features a honeycomb structure that maximizes the rate of evaporation on a hot sunny day, thereby providing the much needed cool air.

The main area of the structure is the water supply panel, which consumes water harvested by the rainwater harvesting system. Using solar heat and wind to aid transpiration, the structure provides ideal shade and temperature to the body of the occupant, preventing heat related incidents such as stroke.

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