Snoozebox portable hotel can be set up anywhere in the world in just 48 hours

While there is no dearth of architectural firms planning to build the biggest hotels in different parts of the world, the Snoozebox is doing just the opposite. With micro hotels and micro homes trend catching up fast, we’ve been on the hunt for architectural marvels at a distinctly small scale. Recently we reported about the Hypercubus micro hotel rooms and today we have the Snoozebox – a portable hotel made using shipping containers that can be set up in any part of the world in just two days.

The micro hotel features rooms that are low on size by high on amenities. Each room features its own bathroom, bed, television, safe and wireless internet access too. With all systems fitting in neatly, the hotel is entirely self-contained and doesn’t require a connection with the grid or water source. The hotel can be packed back again and transported on a truck. Though the idea seems too conceptual, it’s good to see that the company is already operating some units at the London Olympics and will also make it to the Edinburgh festival.

Via: Core 77

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