Piazza d’Armi Urban Park lets visitors connect with nature

In a bid to serve as a sustainable multifunctional building, the Piazza d’Armi by Modostudio merges artificial and natural elements. The structure is influenced by the surrounding environment and helps in creating a series of artificial and anthropological areas that can help visitors connect seamlessly with the natural elements.

The urban park features a church, a playground, an urban square where visitors can get into a conversation, a marketplace and sports venues. The urban park, which is the theme of the structure, is alienated to the surroundings which give visitors unique and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The park is perfectly suited for any urban city, where residents don’t often get a place where they can relax and feel comfortable while surrounded by the goodness of nature.

The urban park also includes a theater where performances or concerts can be hosted to pull in more visitors. The functional elements at the edges of the building are characterized by streamlined shapes, aiming to create an area that brings the urban setting inside of the park, making the park an integral part not only of the city but also of the natural landscape.

Via: Evolo

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