Portable beach Sled House can be dragged to any site along the coast

To make sure that you always get the best view of the waves, irrespective of the crowds who are thronging the beach on a hot sunny day, New Zealand based Crosson Clarke Carnachen Architects has come up with a portable Sled House. While on the first glance the house looks like a normal beach house with a wooden exterior, closer inspection reveals its class. The Sled House is made to rest on two large wooden beams that allow it to be dragged to different locations along the coast.

Made entirely from natural materials, the Sled House measures just 40 square meters, but still manages to offer enough for a family of five. Taking inspiration from submarines, the architects have designed the house in a way that not even a single square millimeter of space goes to waste. While the kids’ bunk beds are edged with hidden cubbyholes, the façade of the house can be opened to reveal a beautiful open patio.

The second story of the house can be accessed by a wall mounted ladder and contains the sleeping areas for the parents. The self-contained house also comes with two gravity tanks that harvest rainwater and make it available for the bathroom on the lower floor.

Via: CoDesign

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