Eco Charge: Thermoelectric generator uses a hot cooking pot to charge your cellphone

Apart from unseen land, camping enthusiasts also have to confront with the lack of power sources that can help them keep their much needed gadget gear charged. With Smartphones taking over the gadget world and serving as a multipurpose gadget for every need ranging from navigation to entertainment and communication, it becomes even more important to make sure that the device’s battery never runs out of juice. However, being multitasking and carrying performance oriented hardware, makes the onboard battery die out fast.

To enable campers forget about charging needs and helping them continue their adventure trail peacefully, industrial designer Ardavan Mirhosseini has come up with the Eco Charge. The Eco Charge is a concept charger that is based on the principles of thermoelectricity. Every camper needs to cook food for which they use a cooking pot, the thermoelectric charger features magnets embedded inside its body, which can be used to attach it to the cooking pot or any other metallic heat source.

Once the connection is made, the chargers aluminum heat sink captures the heat from the cooking pot and using the temperature difference between the heat sink and the surroundings, the onboard thermoelectric generator provides the flow of electricity. The Eco Charge features a display that tells the user about the amount of electricity that is being generated and transferred to an electronic device, which is connected to the Eco Charge via a USB port. Moreover, the display also informs the user about the temperature difference between the heat source and the ambience.

Cheers!  Ardavan Mirhosseini

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