Green Moves: Chess sets made from recycled materials

Chess, the board game which has a history dating back to the 6th century, is one of the most loved games around the world. Since the time modern chess evolved, creative minds have often tried to change the look of the game with innovative designs of pieces used to play the game. While there is no dearth of modern chess sets made using the most exquisite materials, there are several designers who make use of trash to create stunning chess pieces. Here are some of the most fantastic chess sets that are made using recycled materials.

  • The Microprocessor Chess Set

With the advent of computer games, most geek stopped playing games the way they usually should, and used their computers to quench their thirst for games. To bring both these ideas closed and still ensure that the game of chess is played its usual way, an eco conscious designer came up with the microprocessor chess set. While the board of this unique chess set is created from a motherboard with 32 black microprocessors on it, the pieces are made from electronic components including CPU supplies, transistors, capacitors, heat sinks, hard disk drives and even clock batteries.

  • The Formula 1 Chess Set

While the common conception for products made from recycled materials is that they ought to be cheap. Changing this thought, Renault F1 Team Collection came up with the Formula 1 Chess Set. Priced at a whopping $36,000 this could well be among the most expensive chess sets ever developed. The chess set is made of old Renault parts and features a board made using the same carbon fiber that is commonly used to make F1 cars. Other materials gracing this piece of art include titanium, stainless steel and leather.

  • Cork Chess Board

While the Formula 1 Chess set is definitely the most expensive product to make it to this list, the Cork Chess Board is just the opposite, but still manages to look graceful. Created by Mars Josefina, this unique chess set features pieces made using 54 corks including some wood glue. The cork is precisely cut using a knife and glued to other cork pieces to carve out related figures on to the chess pieces.

  • The High Octane Chess Set

Designed by RevRod crew, the High Octane Chess set is definitely for car lovers. Made using car parts, the chess set will surely put a simple onto your face. The chess set includes old car parts such as those bulky nuts and bolts that hold the engine in place. The High Octane Chess Set is the one that is the heaviest in this list.

  • The BNC Chess Set

The BNC Chess set is one that will definitely leave the players speechless. Made using parts that are commonly found in the home of all those who love to play around with their electronic equipment, the BNC Chess Set manages to differentiate the pieces on both sides of the board with bold black and silky golden colors. The chess set includes 50 ohm BNC, SMA and N terminators that couple with RF connectors, inter-series adapter and a variety of UHF connectors.

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