Kompan’s Electronic Teen Zone playground makes kids play sustainably

After recognizing the fact that a playground is much more than just a playground, Kompan (Play) UK Ltd has come up with a fantastic new playground for teenagers in Trumpington that runs on solar generated electricity. Dubbed the Electronic Teen Zone, the playground was unveiled August 1, and was built in response to the council’s brief to create an electronic teenage zone that is sustainable as well.

The sustainable play area features three main zones – the Icon Space where children can play chasing games, the Icon Nova where children can react to speed and the Icon Rocky that has been designed while focusing on the need to develop strength in Children. While the play area has been designed to feature electronic equipment, the striking feature is that each of the play equipment can be physically used even after the power is cut off.

The Cambridge City Council focused on the use of electronics in the play area, as children of this generation don’t really want to play games the traditional way and they need some electronics to make their games a bit more exciting. The project, which was built at the cost of £46,000, will also have the added benefit of promotion health and fitness.

Via: Cambridge/BBC

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