One-77: World’s most advanced bike could tempt James Bond to ride on two wheels

Bikes, which are undoubtedly the greenest mode of transportation, don’t usually appeal to those who keep looking for high-end technology in everything they use. However, the Aston Martin One-77 is out to change the usual conception about bicycles, as it is being claimed to be the world’s most technologically advanced bike, which features everything that could even tempt James Bond to ride on two wheels.

Built by Factor Bikes on behalf of Aston Martin, the One-77 features an on-board computer that measures and displays up to 100 items of information ranging from the bike’s performance such as its speed, rate of climb and power to the vitals of the rider which includes ECG, respiration rate and core body temperature. Apart from that, the bicycle also includes a Bluetooth transmitter that sends all that data to your Smartphone or your tablet computer.

The developers state that only 77 units of this bicycle will ever be made and already there are a few orders and few inquiries from different parts of the world. However, we all know that being James Bond isn’t easy and if you think you have matching skills you still need to shell out about $39,000 for this.

Via: Inhabitat

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