Samaranch Memorial Museum in China will be powered by solar energy

Taking inspiration from the five Olympic rings, Dutch architectural firm HAO along with Beijing’s Archiland International has commenced construction work on the Samaranch Memorial Museum in Tianjin, China. The new museum, which is dedicated to the former IOC chairman Juan Antonio Samaranch, features a plethora of green credentials ranging from a green roof to a large photovoltaic power generation facility.

The brilliant piece of architecture works on the concept of the five Olympic rings, two of which produce a unique figure eight-like pattern, while the other three are sunken inside the building. Visitors enter the building through a courtyard that leads to the exhibition space dedicated on the influence of Olympics in China. The second ring is dedicated to Juan Antonio Samaranch and his works.

The three sunken rings prove ample space for more events and rotating exhibitions. Apart from the five usual rings, the sustainable development also includes some other rings as well, which symbolize the 204 IOC members. The structure has a wide range of eco friendly credentials including solar panels which generate about 76 percent of the building’s energy needs. Further a geothermal heating and cooling system has also been integrated to reduce load on the solar generators and regulate energy consumption throughout the complex.

Via: Dezeen

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