Most amazing portable homes for modern nomads

While everybody loves to live in a mansion, dwindling land resources and concerns about emissions related to architecture has made designers come up with striking living spaces that pack every basic need in a tiny package. These tiny homes might not look to be the most comfortable, but most of them feature everything that you mostly need in a living and resting space. Check out some of the most creative space saving living space designs after the break.

  • The One SQM House:

The One SQM house could well be the smallest house ever built. The house has a surface area of just one square meter and still it can function as an office, a bedroom and even a store. Made using simple building materials and tools, the $300 house is designed to be packed and shipped with instructions that should make it an easy DIY project.

  • Hypercubus Micro Mobile Hotel Room:

Designed by Studio WG3, the Hypercubus is a tiny and mobile hotel room that is tilted to face the sky. The living space is designed to function as a temporary retreat for tourists who want to spend some time in the lap of nature. This tiny retreat features a bathroom, living space and even a bedroom.

  • Chinese Egg House:

Created by a Chinese student, the egg house is not only small, but is entirely eco friendly too. Featuring a bamboo frame which is then covered with a variety of insulating materials to battle out the cold, the house includes a roof mounted solar panel that generates all the energy this diminutive house needs. Even better is the fact that the house was built for just $960.

  • Eco Capsule:

The Eco Capsule, which looks amazingly similar to the homes we used to see in Flintstones, has been conceptualized by Nice Architects. The self-sufficient capsule doesn’t need a connection for water or electricity and is made from sustainable materials such as aluminum can tiles. The capsule harvests rainwater and is powered by renewable solar energy.

  • buBbLe House

The buBbLe House has been designed by MMASA and could be the world’s only house that can be folded into a box. The prototype house features everything required for a comfortable two-day stay. The house folds into a compact metal locker and can be erected at any desired location within a few minutes. While the house is made from transparent materials and doesn’t offer much privacy out of the box, you can always play around with the interiors by adding a few clothes to make your stay comfortable and private too.

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