Designer crafts home furniture using wood salvaged from a wrecked ship

There is no dearth of innovative furniture units that have been made from reclaimed wood. However, most artists working with recycled wood source old wood from decommissioned office buildings or homes. However, California based industrial designer Jeff Casper, had access to a wrecked ship in Malibu, from which he sourced old wood and crafted unique furniture units from it.

Using the old wood, Casper has created a shoe rack, a window desk, a portable heater table cover, shelving and a beautiful sofa too. Apart from wood sourced from the shipwreck, the products also feature food used previously by Casper for building treehouses. To give the furniture units a distinct new look, Casper used a few new items as well such as mattresses, sofa cover and LED lights, which he got from Ikea.

Before making the furniture units, the wood from the shipwreck was milled and sanded and glued together. Further bioresin epoxy was used on wooden pieces to give a glossy and waterproof seal.

Via: Core77

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