Convert your backpack into a solar energy generator with Voltaic Fuse 10W

While out on camping, the first thing that we pack and never forget is a backpack. While there is no dearth of solar energy generating backpacks on the market, we don’t want you to ditch your old bag and thrown it in the trash bin for a new energy generating option. Voltaic Systems, which develops solar energy generating bags for various purposes, has now come up with an innovative product that can transform your usual backpack into an energy generating one.

The new product, dubbed the Voltaic Fuse 10W, has a set of buckles, using which you can attach the solar panels onto your backpack or at any place where it fits. The system features three 3.4W solar panels mounted on a casing made using recycled PET bottles. The energy generated by the solar panels is fed into a 60Wh battery, which can refuel anything ranging from a laptop computer to your cell phone.

The solar panels onboard the charger are efficient and can run your laptop for 30 minutes using just one hour of sunlight. The panel also unzips to reveal padded cargo and a lot of small pockets for your gadget gear.

Via: Inhabitat

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