Fliz Bike puts you back on foot for mobility

Riding a bike to your office is definitely going to reduce your carbon footprint. Moreover, with concerns about global warming and climate change looming large, innovations in bicycle designs have also been on the rise, with new designs proposing the use of the lightest possible materials and electric motors to make sure you don’t sweat much while going uphill.

The Fliz Bike prototype is just another innovation with an aim to make bicycles trendier. The prototype, which entirely changes the way we ride bicycles, has been designed without any pedals and even no saddle. The bicycle is actually a velocipede concept that aims to promote the use of bicycles in the urban space. The Fliz features a five point belt system that apart from looking aesthetically pleasing, also makes the ride more comfortable and ergonomic.

As we have told you earlier that the Fliz Bike doesn’t come with pedals so to ride it you need to be running to gain speed and then relaxing your legs on the frame of the rear wheel when you’ve gained enough speed. While the Fliz Bike will definitely race downhill and even on flat ground, we don’t think that such a bicycle would perfectly be suited for an uphill ride. For more details on questions like why do people ride bikes, head over to http://www.why.do/.

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