Concept devices promising to power your cellphone with unconventional energy

While charging a single cell phone doesn’t consume a lot of energy, the sheer number of cellphones in use worldwide, puts a large burden on the electric grids. To make sure that cellphone chargers are taken off the grid industrial designers have frequently come up with innovative ways to produce a little amount of renewable energy, which is just enough to recharge your iPhone or any other Smartphone for that matter. Here is a list of some of the most unconventional cellphone charger designs that rely on unique forms of renewable energy sources.

  • The Swing Charger

The Swing Charger concept is the brainchild of industrial designer Makoto Funamizu. The concept attaches to a golf club and generates energy every time you play a shot. Not only does the concept allow you to charge your cellphone with the resultant energy, it also sends your form data to your iPhone so you can easily see your own golf swing in an animated way.

  • The Magic Rubik’s Cube Charger

Conceptualized by industrial designer Zheng Weixi, the Magic Rubik’s Cube charger is ideally suited for those who love to solve the cube but take hours doing so. The concept is governed by the principles of electromagnetic induction, which produces energy whenever you play with it. The energy produced is stored in a set of batteries, which can then be transferred to your cellphone or any other portable electronic device for that matter.

  • The Dyson Energy Bracelet Recharger

The concept Dyson Energy Bracelet runs on the principles of the Seebeck effect and hence includes a thermoelectric generator, which can be worn around your wrist. The concept device is being claimed to generate energy from the temperature difference between your skin and the ambience. The energy is stored in an onboard battery and can be relayed to any USB device or cellphone through its micro-USB port.

  • The Eco Charge

The Eco Charge is quite similar to the Dyson Energy Bracelet in terms of the type of energy it proposes to harness. The device is ideal for avid campers, and it just requires you to attach it to any hot cooking pot. Once attached the device starts producing renewable energy due to the difference in the temperature of the cooking pot and the surroundings. The device can relay all that energy produced to your much loved iPhone to make sure that your cellphone is fully charged by the time you cook something to eat.

  • The iYo Charger

The brainchild of Swedish industrial designer Peter Thuvander, the iYo Yo-Yo charger is an induction powered charger, which similar to the Magic Rubik’s cube charger generates energy every time you play with it. The resultant renewable energy is stored in an onboard lithium ion battery, which can charge a dead iPhone in just a few swings.

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