Kingston University student invents special door to save lives during earthquakes

During an earthquake we are normally told to get shelter under a table, which can protect us from the debris falling from above. However, doorways are usually the last standing structures if everything else has been destroyed by a large magnitude earthquake. In an effort to save lives, a MA Design student from England’s Kingston University has invented a special kind of door, which offers adequate protection for a couple, during an earthquake.

The designer, Youghwa Lee, wanted to make sure that more people are able to survive future earthquakes, and came up with a unique door that can pivot horizontally within its frame, so that people can be shielded from the debris falling from above. The top portion of the door folds horizontally at an angle, while the bottom part remains braced against the floor for more support. The angle helps debris slide off the surface of the door, thereby ensuring that the door doesn’t break with a pile up.

The unique door also has a small cabinet built into its frame, which carries essentials such as water, a wind-up flashlight and medical supplies. The designer has built the door for the city of Istanbul, which according to the US Geological Survey will be hit by an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale before 2030.

Via: Gizmag

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