Aware: Solar powered LED lights aim to make crosswalks safe for pedestrians

Around the world thousands of people are either injured or killed in traffic crashes at night, which happens due to the lack of visibility and awareness among drivers. Car headlights are normally made to light up the road ahead and drivers sometimes don’t actually see pedestrians on the road on a dark crossway, which leads to accidents. To help solve the problem and make highways and crosswalks safer for pedestrians as well, industrial designer Seung Kim has come up with the Aware concept lighting solution.

The Aware Crosswalk lighting system features a series of smart lights that are embedded into the ground. The lighting system features an array of sensors that can sense the presence of a pedestrian on the road and light up at full intensity thereby increasing visibility on the road and also alerting car drivers of the presence of a pedestrian on the road.

The lights used for the purpose carry a solar panel which generates renewable energy during the day, which is then stored in onboard lithium batteries. After dark, all the pedestrian has to do is to push a button that triggers the Aware lighting system to start working in standby mode. As the pedestrian walks through the crosswalk, the nearest lighting device fires up its LED bulbs at full intensity to convey the drivers that somebody is actually walking through the crossway ahead.

Cheers! Seung Kim

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