Most creative ways to recycle empty Altoids tins

Refreshing the breadth of people all over the globe since the 19th century, Altoids tins are stocked in a variety of stores around the world today. The breadth mints are made available in small tins, which after the mints are finished are thrown in the trash bins from where they add up to the landfill waste. While most of us don’t figure out any creative reuse for these tins, there are few innovators who have crafted interesting products using empty Altoids tins. Here are some of the most creative products ever made using recycled Altoids tins.

  • Altoids tin MP3 speakers

While the most we do to help reduce out Altoids tins waste is use it as a camera or a cellphone holder, Ampoids is stuffing MP3 speakers into recycled Altoids tins. The tins, which usually fit inside your pocket, make it an ideal MP3 player accessory, which you can easily carry on your next picnic. The speakers are fully compatible with a wide range of MP3 players including iPods, iPhone and Sony Walkman.

  • Altoids tin wallet

The ample space inside an Altoids tin makes is perfect for storing your ATM and credit cards. The Altoids tin wallet, not only protects your important cards from damage, but you can also customize the tin by painting it in your favorite color. You can also customize them further by pasting a sticker tattoo on top.

  •  Altoids tin computer

Consuming every square millimeter of space inside an Altoids tin, someone stuffed a fully functioning computer inside it. Though the computer won’t win any performance awards, it still houses an 80MHz CPU, 32KB RAM, Ethernet port, video out, infrared controller sensor and a speaker too.

  • Altoids tin solar charger

The Altoids tin solar charger could well be one of the finest DIY projects you can undertake this weekend. The DIY is accomplished by attaching a small solar panel on top of an empty Altoids tin, with all electronics housed inside. The product could be used as a backup battery during your next camping trip. The tin features a USB out for relaying all that renewable energy to your cellphone or GPS unit.

  • Altoids tin survival kit
A survival kit comes in handy whenever you are out on a vacation on enjoying a camping trip with your friends. Making a very handy and useful survival kit is definitely one of the best ways to recycle your empty Altoids tin. All you need is a small magnifying glass, a disposable lighter, flint, tinder, matches, scissors, band aid, antiseptic ointment and even magnesium fire starters. Along with it you can also print out basic information about First Aid and keep the sheet inside the Altoids tin.

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