Most amazing three wheeled vehicles running on electricity

In a bit to conserve energy, auto manufacturers normally start by reducing the weight of their vehicles, by replacing metal on the bodywork and chassis by lightweight alloys. Moreover, the weight of the vehicle is also considerably reduced if your vehicle runs on three wheels instead of four. While two wheelers seem risky to a lot of riders, the third wheel not only adds stability to the setup but also allows designers to play with the design and include everything from more seats to canopies that protect the occupants from harsh climate. Moreover, being light in weight, three-wheeled vehicles can easily be propelled by electric motors, thereby catering to the senses of all eco conscious individuals as well. Here is a list of some of the most amazing three-wheeled vehicles that could become a regular sight on the highways of the future.

  • The Peugeot +

Industrial designers seem to love the Peugeot brand while designing three-wheeled cars for the future. The Peugeot + is just one of the hundreds of concepts designed for the brand. The Peugeot + is the brainchild of designer David Vargas and is conceived as a blend between a scooter and a car. With a lightweight body, the Peugeot + is made to run on a smaller electric motor and includes ample space and seating for two.

  • The Moby

The brainchild of industrial and auto designer WooJin Chung, the Moby is a strikingly slim three-wheeled car that runs on an electric engine. The unique feature of this eco friendly electric car is its ability to change shape, with the rear end of the car having an ability to completely detach from the main body. The designer states that the vehicle will require just half the parking space as required by a conventional four wheel car.

  • The Solar Powered Trike

While the use of electric engines in vehicles is not a new thing, the use of solar power to charge onboard batteries is definitely great. That is what designer Gadi Dudler has been trying with his all new Solar Powered Trike concept. The three-wheeled electric vehicle, which has been designed as an all-terrain vehicle, carries a collection of photovoltaic panels on its roof and spoiler to generate all the energy the onboard batteries of this vehicle need.

  • The TransforMiss

Designed by Thierry Dumaine, the TransforMiss is just like The Moby concept we mentioned earlier, not design-wise but due to its ability to alter its shape according to the traffic conditions. The vehicle offers seating for two and can be driven with two, three and even four wheels. The wheels of the car feature an electric motor in each rim and driving this beauty on a congested highway would be a pleasure.

  • The BioTop

Designed as a car of the future, the BioTop concept has been conceived by designer Luis Pinheiro de Lima. One of the three wheels in the car has carries an electricity generator that helps replenish the onboard batteries while you’re driving.

  • The Peugeot RD

The RD Concept from Peugeot is definitely for the future urbanity. The three wheeled vehicle combines the feel of a scooter while offering the driving pleasure of a sedan. Running on electricity, the vehicle offers space for just the driver, as almost every car on the road today is just carrying the driver with no passengers.

  • The Peugeot Q

The Peugeot Q is the brainchild of designer Juan Trillo. The two seat, three-wheeled vehicle runs on an electric engine and focuses on easy maneuverability so that driving is a breeze in even the most congested cities. The striking feature of this beauty is its ability to spin 360 degrees because of a unique spherical wheel.

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