Energy generating furniture units for an eco friendly lifestyle

While in the past renewable energy was mostly limited to harnessing hydropower, wind and sunshine, recent advancements in material science has made it possible to generate renewable energy from everything ranging from simply walking a few miles each day to generating solar power for home using your windows. However, for those of you who don’t really like to walk to install solar panels in and around your home, conscious designers have come up with furniture units that can generate your share of renewable energy. Here are some of the most fantastically envisioned energy generating furniture units that can add another dimension to your home décor.

  • Biophotovoltaic Moss Table

As the name of this innovative furniture unit suggests, the table here is covered in pots carrying moss. The Moss Table runs on the principles of biophotovoltaics, whereby it harvests energy that would otherwise be wasted in the photosynthesis process. The moss pots in the table act as bio-electrochemical devices by converting chemical energy into usable electrical energy. The table produce juice to power digital clocks with predictions stating that improvements in technology could help such tables power lamps and even laptops.

  • Energy generating patio table

The brainchild of industrial designer Afroditi Krassa, the energy generating patio table’s surface is laden with highly energy efficient photovoltaic panels that collect solar energy and then transfer the collected into to your home. The table can easily be fitted in any garden or outdoor space where solar energy can be utilized.

  • Energy generating office desk

Conceptualized by Swedish industrial designer Eddi Tornberg, the Office Desk is designed to run on the principles of Seebeck effect, piezoelectricity and photosynthesis. The chair features a thermoelectric generator that generates renewable energy every time you sit on it. Moreover, the piezoelectric elements help the chair produce even more energy when you move. A small plant is also placed on the desk that works like a potato battery to produce energy.

  • EMPower Rocking Chair

The EMPower energy generating rocking chair is a concept by designer Ryan Klinger. The rocking chair harvests kinetic energy produced when the chair is set into motion. The energy is stored in an onboard battery and made available for use via a USB port. The designer believes that the chair could easily be made from recycled materials, adding another eco friendly credential to it.

  • Move your Energy Chair

Using the same principles as the EM Power Rocking Chair, the Move your Energy has been conceptualized by designer Petr Novak. The chair harnesses kinetic energy from every swing, which can then be either stored in batteries or used to light up the built-in LED lamp.

  • SOLo Lounge Table

The SOLo Lounge Table could well win awards not only due to its energy generating capabilities, but because of its striking design as well. With a surface coated with solar cells, the SOLo Lounge Table can generate energy from both sunlight and artificial lights. The generated energy is then made available through a USB port, lighter adapter, and standard 3 prong wall outlets, enabling you to charge almost any gadget with it. The designer believes that in a typical outdoor environment, the table can produce a whopping 17kW of power each year.

  • Solar Inside

Made from recycled materials, Solar Inside is an innovative piece of outdoor furniture that generates renewable solar energy. The surface of the bench houses an array of solar cells, which convert outdoor sunlight into usable electricity when no one is sitting on it. The generated energy is stored in onboard batteries, and made available whenever necessary.

  • Mobile Workspace

The Mobile Workspace is designed by Mathias Schynder and is for those who don’t really like a typical indoor office. The workspace has a distinct canopy that not only shields you from direct sunlight or rain, but also carries solar cells which generate enough energy to keep your laptop computer running throughout the day.

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