Solar powered dresses that compliment your style quotient

There is no dearth of solar powered chargers available on the market today, which promise to charge a variety of handheld devices such as MP3 players and even your tablet computer. However, most of the time we normally forget carrying these chargers along and have to get our devices charged using conventional electricity. To solve this problem, designers have come up with a variety of solar powered dresses, wearing which you don’t have to carry any sort of chargers. Here are some of the hottest wearable solar powered dresses ever created for you to sustainably charge your handheld electronic gear without worrying about the wall socket.

  • Solar powered bikini

Made by Japanese lingerie designer Triumph International, the solar powered bikini is for those who love to spend a lot of time on the beach. The bikini features a distinct solar panel that is worn around the stomach. The innovative system lets you charge everything from your iPod to your cell phone using sunshine.

  • Solar powered Ski Suit

Designed by Willy Bogner, the wearable solar powered ski suit comes with LED lights that make you look entirely different when on the ski slopes. The LED lights are made to run on solar energy which is harvested by solar panels stitched onto the jacket itself.

  • Solar dress

While most of us think that only black colored solar panels can be stitched onto clothes, which not all wearers would like, a researcher at the University of Gifu in Japan has changed that conception with a solar powered dress that has 26 dye-sensitized cells stitched onto the dress as colored stars. The solar cells have an efficiency of 1.4 percent and can easily recharge mobile phones.

  • Solar frock

Abbey Liebman, a student designer at Cornell University, has designed the solar frock, which is based on the use of solar panels and cotton threads that can conduct electrical current. Unlike other dresses, which have special conducting fibers to transfer current from the solar panel to the device you want to recharge, making them heavy to wear, the solar frock’s innovative cotton threads do the job while remaining light in weight.

  • Day for Night solar dress

Designed at Studio 5050, the Day for Night is a hot tiled dress featuring a collection of solar panels. Metal rings on the dress hold the solar panels in place, while creating a unique texture that not many can resist. Power generated by the dress is transmitted by a control board and made available for devices such as cell phones and digital media players.

  • Solar Parka

The Solar Parka has been designed by Lapidus and features black solar panels adorning a silk cloth. The onboard solar panels recharge a series of micro-lithium batteries and capacitors. Once fully charged, the lithium batteries can then transmit power to your energy hungry gadgets.

  • Solar bikini

The solar bikini is the brainchild of designer Andrew Schneider. The bikini, which sports 40 thin film flexible solar cell strips, also entered into limited production. The solar bikini soaks up the summer sun and transmits power via conductive thread that ends up at a USB port. The bikini can produce the same amount of power as your laptop’s USB port.

  • Solar Swimsuit

Another solar powered dress from Triumph International is the solar swimsuit, which was the first solar powered dress that was commercially available. The swimsuit can provide enough energy to charge a cell phone or an iPod.

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