Rishock’s electric quadricycle is what we need for a green future

The steep rise in the cost of fossil fuel and concerns about emissions from gas guzzling cars, most auto manufacturers have come up with electric cars that are much cheaper to ride than a conventional car. However, the high upfront cost of these cars and their less operating range, are some of the questions that manufacturers still have to answer. While with recent advancements in battery technology, the perfect electric car could well be on the roads pretty soon, till then the best you can get at a comparatively affordable cost is something on the lines of the Rishock electric quadricycle.

Designed by Max Zoggia, the Rishock is a recumbent pedal assist electric vehicle that is available in three different configurations. Each one of these models seats two adults, which one model offering two child seats as well. The Race model, which is the basic model offered by the company, costs around $4300. The variant that offers all-weather capabilities with a nice canopy shielding you from the elements runs around $6400. The top most model, which has an all-electric operating range of about 40km, will set you back by $8000.

Though, the prices aren’t exactly affordable, they are much less when compared to electric vehicles, most of which have the same all-electric autonomy, after which either the gas engine kicks in or you are stranded. In case of the Rishock, the chassis is made using lightweight materials allowing you to easily pedal all the way back home, even if the battery dies midway.

Via: Bicycle Design

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