Tigi Solar’s efficient honeycomb solar collectors boil water to heat homes

Israel has always been a land of innovation in green technology. This is the reason we see solar collectors installed on practically ever roof in Israel. The solar collectors, which provide electricity and hot water, help save money and emissions. The latest in green technology is a new solar thermal hot water heaters developed by Tigi Solar that look like a honeycomb. The unique shape of the solar collectors makes it possible to harvest more energy from the sun in an efficient way. The collectors are so efficient in capturing the sun that the company claims that boiling hot water from the solar panels can be piped in to heat homes during the coldest of winter months.

Based on the use of a transparent insulation mechanism, the honeycomb structure increases the efficiency of the solar collectors by minimizing heat loss – something which is a common occurring on conventional solar thermal energy generators. This allows water to be heated to a temperature much higher than the ambient temperature. The product is a boon for cold countries such as Germany, where most of the energy is used to heat buildings.

The solar energy collectors look a lot similar to photovoltaic panels or conventional solar thermal energy collectors, but the unique honeycomb structure produces hot water rapidly by reducing heat losses to convection. Being similar in design to conventional solar thermal collectors, which are used in different parts of the world, the honeycomb solar collector by Tigi Solar can also be installed on the roof of your home, to not only produce hot water for a shower, but also reduce the energy consumed for heating your home.

Via: Israel 21C

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