Hexa solar powered concept car features a golf ball-like surface for efficiency

The dimpled surface of a golf ball, which helps reduce drag and takes the ball further away, has inspired French designer Dimitri Bez to design a concept car that runs on solar generated electricity. The new concept car, dubbed Hexa, combines the aerodynamic capabilities of the surface of a golf ball and the qualities of an optical cavity. The roof of the car offers a porous surface for the inclusion of solar panels, which generate all the energy the car requires.

The inclusion of the dimples on the solar roof of the vehicle allows it to be more efficient in generating renewable energy, especially in low sun conditions. Moreover, the surface allows the temperature of the surface to be regulated, as the efficiency of photovoltaic panels decreases with the increase in temperature. Further, the dimples increase the surface area available for the placement of solar panels as solar cells can be attached in all three dimensions.

The onboard solar panels generate electricity, which is stored in onboard batteries for propulsion. Since the car is its own power plant, the owners of the vehicle won’t normally have to connect the car to a wall socket for charging. All they have to do is to make sure that they park the car in sunlight so that the onboard batteries can be recharged during the day.

Cheers! Dimitri Bez

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