Scarcity of land leads Chinese developers to build villas on a shopping mall’s roof

Rapid industrialization and the rise in global population has resulted in declining land, on which more homes can be built. While most architects around the world have started planning skyscrapers to house humanity while offering enough space for commercial purposes, architects and developers in China have taken an innovative approach – building villas on the rooftop of a shopping mall in Zhuzhou in Hunan province in china.

The developers here have built four unfurnished villas on top of the Jiutian International Square, and the villas have electricity and water pipes already installed. However, instead of offering these villas to the rich Chinese people, the building will become offices for the shopping mall developer’s 160 employees.

The unique construction is entirely legal and the developers claim that they have obtained all necessary documents for the villas. The four villas, each with its own garden, will allow the employees to get panoramic views and work in one of the most unique offices in the world.

Via: AOL


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