Most bizarre eco friendly hotels in the world

We have always tried to educate our readers on the importance of building an eco friendly home, which not only can save you save money by reducing energy consumption, but can also lower your carbon footprint, helping you do your bit for the environment. However, those of you who have already built an eco friendly home, would normally like to stay in an equally environmentally friendly hotel, whenever out on a vacation. Architects around the world are coming up with futuristic concept hotels, which offer the best in terms of facilities, while keeping their carbon footprint to the minimum. While in the future we might see unique hotels with eco friendly credentials, several architects and developers have already built eco hotels, with many of them made using the most bizarre raw materials. Here are some of the most bizarre eco friendly hotels in the world, where you can actually spend a few days.

  • The Jumbo Hotel


Location: Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

As the name suggests, the Jumbo Hotel is made using a decommissioned jumbo aircraft – the Boeing 747. In an effort to save the aircraft from being broken down for recycling, the developers transformed the interiors of the aircraft into a fully functioning 25-room hotel. Each room gets bunk beds, overhead storage for luggage and flat screen TVs. The reception area houses toilets and showers, which you have to share.


  • The Travelodge


Location: Outskirts of London

Taking shipping container recycling to an extreme, the Travelodge Hotel was build in just 20 days, and is Europe’s first ever hotel to be built from shipping containers. The unique hotel has a total of 3.7 rooms, with modern interiors, featuring a flat screen TV, double beds and toilets. Don’t expect much additional space, but that’s what living in a shipping container is all about.


  • The Dasparkhotel


Locations: Germany and Austria

The Dasparkhotel has been created by architect Andreas Strauss and is constructed by converting draining pipe sections into modern rooms. The rooms are comparatively high on the features list with each room getting a double bed, sleeping bags and storage spaces. Moreover, each of the room is secured by a security code. The amenities include shared toilets and showers among a bar and a café.


  • De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel


Location: The Netherlands

The De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel is definitely for wine lovers. The rooms of this unconventional hotel are made from re-purposed wine casks, each of which was originally made to store a whopping 15,000 liters of wine. Once you’ve checked in, you get pretty basic facilities, like beds and lighting.


  • The Beach Garbage Hotel


Location: Madrid

Created by German artist Ha Schult, the Beach Garbage Hotel wasn’t built to win any gold medals in architecture, but was actually built to create awareness and protest against marine pollution. The five room hotel was constructed from a wide range of waste materials, including balloons and guitars, which were collected from the beaches of several European countries.


  • Holiday Inn’s Key Card Hotel


Location: New York

The Key Card Hotel was built by Holiday Inn using… key cards! Build by hotel chain, Holiday Inn, the Key Card Hotel, utilized 200,000 key cards, is a 400sqf hotel, weighing two tons. The hotel included a guest room, bathroom and a lobby. All the furniture items and the toilets and bathroom were also made using the same materials.

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