Eliodomestico solar still aims to end freshwater crisis

We know that the surface of earth is primarily composed of water, but still we see millions around the world either getting infected due to contaminated water or dying as a result of the unavailability of water. The reason behind this is simple, as most of the water on the surface is salty and cannot be used for drinking until somehow we desalinate it. Desalination plants  are a common sight in several developed coastal cities in the world, but the conditions aren’t exactly the same in the developing or underdeveloped world.

Industrial designer Gabriele Diamanti is out to better the conditions with an innovative zero-electricity desalinating system, which he calls the Eliodomestico. The Eliodomestico is an open source version of a simple looking solar still, which can provide freshwater to the millions looking for it. All the user has to do is to fill the black boiler with seawater in the morning and then tightening the cap. When placed in sunlight, temperature and pressure inside the boiler increase, forcing steam into a connection pipe.

The connection pipe is connected with the lid, which functions as a condenser, thereby turning sea water into purified freshwater, which is ready for consumption. According to the designer, the innovative solar still can provide up to 5 liters of purified water each day.

Via: CoDesign

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