Honda’s Miimo robotic lawnmower ensures greener lawns

After perfecting the design of one of the most advanced humanoids in the world, Honda is back again in the robotics market, this time with a robotic lawnmower, which is designed for people who love their lawns but don’t usually get enough time to maintain it. Dubbed the Miimo, the electric lawnmower is obviously much quieter than its gas cousins, but ensures a beautifully cut lawn.

The Miimo uses a “continuous cutting” system, which cuts grass at the rate of just 2-3mm at a time, while operating several times each week. Cutting in a random pattern, the system puts less stress on the grass, ensuring healthy growth and reduced moss. All the user has to do is to place a boundary wire, under the ground, covering its entire perimeter. The Miimo detects the signal from the under the ground and remains within the boundary for more safety and accuracy.

The system is powered by a high performance lithium-ion battery, the power of which is continually assed by the Miimo. Once the power depletes, the Miimo itself returns to its docking station to recharge. The Miimo includes three high performance blades, which bend, rather than shatter, if they come in contact with some hard objects. The Miimo will be unveiled in Europe initially, after sales in US likely to follow afterwards.

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