BikeCharge Dynamo transforms your bike to a renewable energy generator

There is no denying the fact that bicycling is one of the greenest modes of transportation, which unlike cars is good even on the most congested of highways around the world. Apart from helping better the condition of the environment, bicycling can also help you keep your gadgets juiced up, provided you’ve installed the new BikeCharge Dynamo.

The product, which is essentially a simple dynamo that can be attached to any spoked wheel, produces energy whenever you are pedaling. The energy generated is used to light up a small LED bike light and during the day can help charge your cell phone via any of the two onboard USB ports, each of which provides 5V of DC power rated at 3W.

Costing $100, the BikeCharge Dynamo is something on the lines of other dynamos or bike generators that one can easily install. To fully charge your cell phone you need to pedal for a couple of hours, while maintaining speed of just over 12mph. We know you won’t be doing that on a regular basis, but even during short trips to the grocery store could easily top up the battery for a few minutes of talk time.

Via: Gizmodo

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