EcoStatus wooden home generates renewable energy and conserves it too

The problem most homeowners are facing these days is the rise in the cost of energy and equipment that can help save energy. While most homeowners either do well by installing renewable energy generating equipment to save on energy costs, there are some who prefer using energy efficient equipment and appliances. The EcoStatus home by designer Antonia Gadjalova is designed to do both of the above, while remaining as structurally-sound as possible.

The EcoStatus home is made using natural wooden elements with mineral wool insulation to prevent heat loss. Moreover, the house includes an energy efficient HVAC system that provides maximum energy efficiency while also reducing the carbon footprint of the home.

The house has been designed to follow the north-south axis to better its solar orientation, which not only reduces the need for artificial lighting during daytime, but also makes sure that the home’s rooftop solar panels generate the maximum possible output. The rooftop features a 10KW solar panel array, which provides electricity and hot water to the occupants. The house is destined to achieve energy efficiency rating of Class A in accordance with Greek legislation.

Cheers! Antonia Gadjalova

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