SunVolt solar charger aims to charge devices just as quickly as a wall socket

While the market is currently flooded with cheap solar battery chargers that claim to juice up your rich plethora of gadgets, most of them usually take days to completely charge a depleted battery. The SunVolt by Don Cayelli is different, it claims to charge various devices simultaneously and it does that just as fast as a conventional wall socket charger, on a clear sunny day.

Unlike other similar products on the market which make use of polycrystalline photovoltaic cells, the SunVolt features the use of highly efficient and powerful monocrystalline technology, which reduces charging time. The solar panel comes in a protective case and can be unfolded in just a few seconds. The outer shell of the case if made using high quality nylon to protect the photovoltaic panel from moisture and dust.

The SunVolt will be made available in October this year, if it is able to achieve the required funding on Kickstarter, in two variants – 10W and 15W. Both the variants feature a USB charging slots, and Micro-USB and Mini-USB sockets too. The solar powered battery charger can recharge everything that needs electricity at 5.5V or less. The developer is so confident about the technology that he is backing it up with a lifetime warranty.

Via: Gizmag

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