Researchers build UK’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered locomotive

While there is no dearth of engineers who are planning to build some of the fastest and the most energy efficient trains in the world, a team of researchers from University of Birmingham in UK are working to develop a hydrogen fuel cell powered train that is entirely zero emission. Though, the first iteration developed won’t win any awards on the design or the amenities onboard, it could definitely serve as a stepping stone for a greener future of public transportation.

The locomotive, which is the first in the UK of its kind, can carry 4 tons of weight for 2.7km, using a tank of hydrogen, which carries 5000 liters of hydrogen at low pressure. The range of the locomotive can be increased by adding two more hydrogen tanks, which is the maximum it can currently carry.

The design has been built for use in areas where electrified train routes don’t exist. However, the technology is still in its infancy and with the current specifications, we don’t think it is ready to hit the tracks anytime soon.

Via: New Scientist

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