Kinetic Charger concept converts your stroll into useful watts

Dubbed the Kinetic Charger, this conceptual device by industrial designer Toby Blake is for those who love an evening walk or jogging on the beach to relax their senses. The concept device, can be attached to the waistline of your pants or shorts, where it continually harvests the vibrations to produce a little electricity, just enough to top up the battery of your dying cellphone.

Guaranteeing that you never again lose charge on your cellphone while you are having a leisurely walk, the device is definitely perfectly suited for the active kind. However, the portable device can easily be worn all day, during which it can continually charge any connected portable electronic device in your pocket.

The designer envisions that each of these portable Kinetic Chargers can easily store 4W of power, and multiple chargers can be connected by their male USB ports to produce even more power.

Cheers! Toby Blake

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