Solar powered Endesa Pavillion hides a calm interior inside a chaotic exterior

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Spain has designed the Endesa Pavilion, or Solar House 2.0 – an odd looking wooden pavilion, with a perfect design to harvest renewable solar energy and help conserve energy by naturally illuminating the interior space throughout the year.

Considering the solar orientation on the exact piece of land as the structure was built on, the design team mapped the sun’s seasonal path and all the odd-looking angles were crafted accordingly. The windows have been placed in a way that they provide illumination all around the year, but don’t allow direct sunlight to enter the building during hot summer months. During the winters, when heating the interior space is necessary, the angles allow direct sunshine to enter the building.

The weird-looking overhangs are placed directly in the sun’s line of sight and are topped up with solar panels, so that the maximum amount of solar energy can be produced by the building.

Via: Core77

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