D-Eco Brick: Concept planters made using recycled plastic cups

There are millions of plastic coffee and tea cups that are simply thrown into the trash bin after a single use. This plastic waste, which later finds its way to the landfill, takes thousands of year, if ever, to decompose. Providing a simple solution to the complex problem, industrial designer Hakan Gursu has come up with the D-Eco Brick concept. The concept aims to create decorative bricks from used plastic cups which can then grace the walls of your living room or can also be placed in your garden.

The design makes use of four or six reclaimed plastic cups, which are then placed in a simple plastic mold, forming a 3D brick system. The empty spaces are filled with soil, nutrients and seeds of your any plant. The unique design and the choice of raw materials allow users to create any design they want by simply including more plastic cups. The plantation adds a touch of green to your home’s interior space, while also producing fresh oxygen and consuming ambient carbon dioxide.

Via: A Design Award

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