UbiCiT electric monorail caters to Montreal’s growing transportation needs

Montreal is growing and developing fast, and so is the need for urban public transportation systems that are light on the environment but could manage the growing needs. Industrial designer Frederic Laurin-Lalonde from the University of Montreal has come up with a concept electric monorail, which is perfectly suited for the city.

Christened the UbiCiT, the electric monorail is proposed for the first phase of Quebec network of monorail that extends from Montreal to its southern suburbs. The electric monorail, which is designed to be suspended either meters above the ground, will be highly energy efficient and can easily carry 300 people, while still allowing access to people with reduced mobility and those who come to the station riding their bikes.

Since the concept has been designed to be suspended directly above existing roads and highways, local people will still be able to use the space below, while admiring the monorail passing right over their heads. The design has been made as aerodynamic as possible, so that only a small percentage of electricity is consumed to overcome drag and the monorail can zip past as fast as possible.

Cheers! Frederic Laurin-Lalonde

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