Spherical glass solar energy generator works even under moonlight!

Solar energy generators, using even the most advanced solar tracking mechanisms, have a hard time after the sun sets. A Barcelona-based architect, Andre Broessel of Raw Lemon, has now developed an innovative solar energy generator that can generate energy even from moonlight. The secret behind the development is the use of a spherical glass that concentrates sunlight onto the photovoltaic panel, helping improve the efficiency of the solar cells by up to 35 percent.

The system includes a fully rotational and weatherproof optical tracing system that can be installed on any building surface, be it inclined or even a curtain wall. The device helps the solar panel continually generate renewable energy even under diffused sunlight or moonlight.

The system can be built to any specifications, ranging from a system including multiple ball lenses with dual axis tracking system and triple junction solar cells to a water filled system that can is large enough to be placed on the rooftop.

Via: DesignBoom


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