Truma’s VeGA is an innovative fuel cell for eco conscious adventurers

While driving in a caravan or a motorhome to an isolated location, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, definitely seems a great idea to spend the weekend in the lap of nature, eco conscious adventurers don’t want to pollute the delicate ecosystem with greenhouse gases emitted by their caravan. To help such eco conscious modern nomads, Truma has come up with the VeGA – an innovative fuel cell, which allows you to charge the supply batteries of any caravan or a motorhome without turning on the gas-fueled engine.

The system guarantees a permanent, self-sufficient power supply independent of the main supply of the caravan. The fuel cell runs on liquid gas (propane or butane), to generate environmentally friendly and efficient electricity to power the supply batteries. The VeGA has a maximum output of 250W, which is enough to run appliances such as TV, refrigerator the interior lights simultaneously. The fuel cell is so efficient in the conversion process that a single 11kg gas cylinder generates about 28KWh of power – enough to remain self-sufficient for several weeks.

The VeGA is completely autonomous in its operation and can round the clock, without any manual intervention. Once the remaining energy in the supply batteries gets below a certain threshold, the VeGA is activated automatically, to top up the battery.

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