Fujitsu to make bodies of notebook PCs from recycled CDs and DVDs

Currently there are millions of CDs and DVDs that are discarded every year around the world, adding up to the already staggering amount of electronic and plastic waste. Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Laboratories Limited have come up with an innovative way to ensure that some of these discs don’t end up in the landfill, and are rather reused to make new computers.

The company has announced the development of the PC industry’s first recycling system that collects old discs at its recycling centers and makes use of the plastic to make bodies of new notebook computers. The recycled plastic bodies will be used to make the front panel of the company’s Lifebook P772/E notebook.

To ensure that all these notebooks don’t carry harmful chemicals, the company’s recycling system performs a quality control based o the chemical substance risk management database. Hence the notebook computers and other devices comply with the legal requirement for chemical components. This innovative recycling maneuver will help save the amount of new plastic producing by 10 tons while saving up to 15 percent of CO2 emissions.

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