Recycled Heating Loungers come with solar powered goodness

Heating Loungers, by designers over at Nea Studio, have been designed to be installed on the waterfront in Riverdale, Bronx, where they can serve as eco friendly resting areas, while offering heating, protection from wind and plug-ins to recharge the depleted battery of your iPod and lighting if you visit the area after sunset. The loungers include amorphous thin-film photovoltaic panels embedded onto the backrest, where they generate renewable energy for the onboard electronics to work.

The solar panels are included within recycled steel casings and set at an angle of 45 degrees for maximum solar energy generation. The loungers include LED lights that light up according to the local temperature, where red signifies warmth and blue states that cooling is required. The chairs are made using recycled wood and steel sourced from a railroad site, and aim to provide heating and wind protection to the visitors during the cold winters.

Underneath the loungers, there is also a collection of rocks that are enclosed in rectangular glass cases. These rocks glow at night when the wooden surfaces are still a little warm.

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