In The Wind kinetic installation uses wind to provide lighting

In The Wind is a kinetic installation, envisioned by Michell Cardona and Nelson Ramon, which serves as a proof of concept of functional use of the Humdinger Wind Generator or Wind Belt. The idea here is to explore the use of wind as a renewable power source to create public spaces or building facades, which can get power from wind energy to power a set of lighting devices.

The installation features a collection of wind belts installed on a wooden frame and placed near windows or in areas where harvesting wind energy is possible. The installation generates renewable energy, which can be relayed to a set of lights or can also be stored in batteries or capacitors for use as an emergency power source.

The designers plan to hack consumer products and use easy to find materials to build a wind belt that can provide a decent amount of renewable electricity for future use. The energy generated by the installation can be used to charge your cellphone or run emergency lights during a power outage. If placed on the window, the system can function as a curtain, which generates renewable energy for your house.

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