Ecological Park by ZA Architects is designed to exhibit nature

ZA Architects have conceptualized a unique Ecological Park for Ukraine that will allow visitors to come close to nature and experience all natural elements at one place. Spread over an area of 9538sqm, the Ecological Park will serve as a park, museum, hotel, spa and trade area. The area will be a territory of wild nature with abundance of sun, wind and water. Thus, while walking around visitors will be exposed to all natural elements including earth, water, fire and wind.

To enter the park, visitors will come through a public building which houses retail, entertainment and accommodation facilities. This public center also includes space for rent, café, office, space, museum and hotel rooms. The visitors emerge out into an open courtyard, which provides ample space for social and public activities. The courtyard also features coffee shops and restaurants where visitors can relax while enjoying nature in all its glory.

The visitors can get to the second floor of the building to visit the local museum. Here the mesmerizing journey just begins, which can be completed by walking or on a bike. The path is formed as a direct line in contrast to the curving coastline. The 1km long path also features several resting areas and vending machines. The ecologically designed park offers visitors a peaceful area, where they can come and just relax and spend some good time in a natural atmosphere. Visitors will also be able to undertake other exciting journeys through the park that consists of trenches and pits with abundant species of plants and animals.

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