SunStation to charge your electric car with renewable solar energy

With rise in the prices of fossil fuel the number of electric cars on the roads is on a steep rise. However, most electric car owners still make use of grid electricity to recharge onboard batteries, which reduces the green credentials of these vehicles. To make sure that your electric car ride is entirely green and sustainable Princeton Satellite Systems has come up with the SunStation – a solar powered electric vehicle recharging station that can be set up at any location.

According to the developers, the SunStation is the first 100 percent green charging station for electric vehicles, which generates and relays solar generated electricity to your car. The station provides a steady stream of 240V of electric power, which can fully charge a Nissan Leaf in 8 hours, a Chevy Volt in four hours and a Prius in just 1.5 hours.

The system makes use of highly efficient solar panels that provide maximum power with the minimum possible footprint. The station is so efficient that it can recharge two electric vehicles simultaneously. Unlike other solar powered recharging stations already developed, the SunStation doesn’t have a connection with the electric grid, but it stores renewable energy in a high capacity battery, which helps recharge electric vehicles 24 hours a day. Installing the SunStation is just as easy, and all you have to do is to pour a concrete base at any location and bolt the SunStation in place. The station wirelessly contacts with a payment gateway, allowing the drivers of electric vehicles to easily pay for the energy they consume.

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