Aerowall: A self-contained aeroponic planter for city dwellers

The Aerowall is a concept plantation system designed by Ashley Couch of Articulating Matter, which could help city residents grow veggies for themselves, without having a dedicated rooftop or a terrace, which can be converted into a vegetable garden. People living in most developed regions in the world, live in towering skyscrapers, where their homes don’t usually have terraces or rooftops. To help them grow vegetables at any place they want inside their house, the Aerowall is a vertical, self-contained aeroponic system that helps grow vegetables all year round.

The system has been designed for highly-visible residential and small commercial applications. The modular system, which can be scaled to any size according to the requirements of the homeowners, can be placed at any place. For some it might be an interesting idea to place it in the kitchen, others might want to make use of the system’s innovative design by placing it in the living room. The aeroponic system can be used to grow different types of vegetables and herbs, allowing homeowners to forget about buying local and go hyper-local.


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